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Customer reviews

The Awanfi 4s battery gave my high end pricey Team Orion battery a run for its money. This is supposed to be a value battery but let me tell you it gave me almost just as much power as the Orion. The hard case is also a bonus.
If this is the quality of product that Awanfi keeps putting out then add me to Team Awanfi!!

RC Maniac

Great power station. Has everything you can possibly need in an emergency! Cigarette lighter USB port and 110 plug in. Very durable carrying and storage case. Long lasting battery life. Amazing price and value!! Very pleased overall and highly recommend!!

New York made

Run these in my arrma 4s blx trucks as well as my traxxas 8s xmaxx and these are the best bang you can get for your dollar! Lipos have balanced every charge and no issues with them. Highly recommend for any of the vehicles mentioned above especially the Xmaxx!


I had Awanfi lipo batteries for awhile and they are awesome,,with this nimh batteries they didn't let me down,,,awesome batteries


Like that hard case and the quality. Dont hesitate to buy. This one stays dry but the boys have had their 2s covered it mud in water. Good price and great battery.

jacklyn tessen



AWANFI is one of the largest battery manufacturers around the world with strict QC teams, which are focused on research, development, production, and sales of rechargeable batteries. We are committed to providing safer batteries for every consumer.